Sponsored: Project Wisdom Environmental Awareness Week


  • 4/24-4/28
  • Sponsored by Project Wisdom, there will be a task each day to promote environmental awareness.
    • .5 a sponsored hour for each day you participate in
  • To prove participation you MUST post to twitter with the hashtag #hhsgreenthumb @NHSHusky
    • Posting to the hashtag will ALSO put you into a raffle done by Project Wisdom.

The Days & Their Requirements:

  • 4/24 Meatless Monday
    • go the entire day without consuming any meat.
    • Post a picture of all of your meals throughout the day to prove you went meatless!
  • 4/25 Trashless Tuesday
    • Carry around your trash for the day in a bag, the goal is to have the least waste possible!
    • Post a picture of your bag at the end of the day
  • 4/26 Watch your Water Wednesday
    • Bring a reusable water bottle and be aware of your daily water consumption, trying to conserve as much as you can.
  • 4/27 Techless Thursday
    • Post to the hashtag your battery life at the end of the school day without charging to compete to see who has the highest.
  • 4/28 Carpool Friday
    • Carpool with an extra person.